Monday, January 5, 2015

Opening new gates and doors in 2015

A gate where you have to bend to enter at the Sheik Faisal Museum in Doha, Qatar
Doors in Qatar at the Souq Waqif--a marketplace here in Doha.  They are highly ornamental here with glass and beautiful carvings.

My lovely door in my old home that I painted several times.  Sometimes I miss its cozy familiarity, but I guess I had to traverse some other passageways.
I have had much tutoring when I decided to open this door to my new home.

I bought this old, whimsical door (about four feet high) in the marketplace in Doha to hang on my wall.  I wanted to lug home the Egyptian door, but I thought this one would suffice.  Ha!  It is a daily reminder to not be too fearful of opening new doors, even if  dawn has not appeared on the horizon yet.

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  1. I share your love for doors. And I am grateful for your ability to put into words what my heart feels when I am drawn to them. I've got a zillion photos of doors and I'll have to send you some knowing that you'll appreciate them...
    Thank you.