Monday, March 29, 2021

Elias's art exhibit in Tianjin, China: Documenting Impressions of Joy

This is happening this week here in Tianjin!

For me, a painting is like a story that stimulates the imagination and draws the mind into a place filled with expectation, excitement, wonder, and pleasure. J.P. Hughton, painter

Next week here in Tianjin, China at the Tianjin Art Museum Elias will have another solo exhibit--sharing the space of some of the students we teach at two autism schools here. On April 2 the world will commemorate Autism Awareness Day. As it stretches into the month of April, there will be walks, lectures, buildings lit up, and other activities to promote more understanding of autism. Tianjin will shine paintings on a huge 40 story tower of the paintings of these students. Elias will have 25 paintings and there will be 20 other students who will have one. 

Recently a friend had dinner with the president of the Tianjin Art Museum. She showed him the video we made and he asked to see us. He invited us to have an exhibit here. We wish all of you could come. Here are some of the pictures that will be shown:

                                   So happy we have been documenting joy over here...

Seasons of Trees

Hainan, China Ocean View with Shapes

Guilin, China

One of his first prints in Doha called A Red Frog Leaping over the pond

Another early printmaking in Doha called Floating Houses in a Dream

Christmas Tree, 2020--done with a lot of texture with a palette knife

View from the Art Barn in the Tetons, Idaho, USA

Happy Snowman in China

Inner Mongolia Grasslands from the perspective of a ladybug

Singing with the angels

Ziangjiajye National Park--Mountain Cliffs

Swimming Chinese Dragon 

Brazilian Favelas on a mountaintop

Haihe River in Tianjin, China at sunset

Winter Walking with Dad in Sweden

Teton Aspens 

Ocean Layers

Printmaking from Doha, The next three prints are called Views from an airplane

Printmaking from Doha, The Story of the Raven

Printmaking from Doha, The Story of the Raven

Waterlilies in Brazil

Art Barn Light 

Forbidden City Early Morning

Hike at Jenny Lake

Teton Glory

Autumn Puddle

Ocean Cubism

Teton Snake River

Springtime Poppies in Tianjin

Laughing Pandas in Chengdu, China

                                         Teaching art to children with autism here in Tianjin

                                                                Hard at work...