Saturday, September 23, 2017

Africa: The Beauty of a Woman in a Wig

Having fun with Elizabeth's wig.
My African friends have some beauty tricks I find charming. Often times when I see them they are another persona than when I saw them the week before. One of their ways to bring some flair and style is with their wigs. They like to show off their locks in different ways that fit their mood. Sometimes it is with braids, bangs, curls, streaks of color, buns, or with their cropped hair. My predictable hair is pretty boring next to them. 

One friend told me, "I like to wear my hair not only for the occasion, but my mood. Sometimes I like to have it short and sassy. But most times, I like to have the long locks, even wrap it around a few times."

I replied wide-eyed, "How many wigs do you have?" 

Elizabeth proudly said, "I have five. But some of my friends have a few shelves of them."

Intrigued, I said, "So you wear them like I wear a hat?" 

"Yep," she said, "As soon as I get home, I plop it off on the hanger. Just like a hat. But I love my wigs. They are much easier than taking care of your own hair. I just braid it, even shampoo it, put some bands in, and I am ready to go."

Here is one of the occasions that Elizabeth brought out the bangs.

Here is Elizabeth without any wigs or other locks. She is beautiful any way--without any extra locks.

Lucy, just relaxing with her cropped hair at home.

Christiana with her two-toned locks.

Christianah the week before with her baby and husband. Big difference, right?

Lucy, to my left, with one of her wigs, and my other friend with her hair up.

But the next time I see her, her wig is down.
Minika's hair is different every time I see her. I call her "The African Queen." 

Minika's braids wrapped around her head.

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