Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just meeting with the Ambassador to Qatar--that's all!

When you live about  two or three miles from the US Embassy, the ambassador just arrived new to her post, and you have a Boy Scout activity to learn to fold the American flag, you just never know who might show up.  The Ambassador to Qatar, Dana Shel King, is shown here encouraging the boys
 to be prepared and diligent Boy Scouts.  I joined the American Women's Association, as she did, and she came to say hello to me too.  Doha, Qatar is a small, small world.

Just have to say that serendip is a word coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 when he made an unexpected discovery reading the Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendib who were, he told his friend, "always making discoveries by accidents and sagacity, of which things they were not in quest of."  The word serendipity was voted in 2004  to be one of the "ten most difficult words to translate in the world."

 I think we are all both consciously and unconsciously seeking some serendib in our lives--however it is delivered.  The small, wonderful happenstances that come in our lives can be funny (like today) or transform the course of our lives.  Sometimes they are subtle, and other times they are glaring signs in the road that quickly get our attention.

Our meeting with the Ambassador of Qatar was of the amusing variety today; you just never know who might "show up."  Most every day I am finding people and things I was never in search for, just as in the case of coming to Qatar.  Doha was never my aspired destination to live, but I am feeling richly blessed by the unexpected miracles and unsought for quests that are distilling, and even raining on us.  So go find some serendibs today!  They are bound to surprise you just around the corner.

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